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RollerFit - Palm Slider - Black
RollerFit - Palm Slider - Black
RollerFit - Palm Slider - Black
RollerFit - Palm Slider - Black

RollerFit - Palm Slider - Black

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The Rollerfit Palm Slider is a low profile slider designed with shock absorbing gel to help reduce impact while maintaining wrist mobility. The RollerFit Palm Slider is comfortable, fits snug around your hand and has moisture wicking material to keep your hands cool. You won’t even notice you’re wearing them. 

These are perfect for RollerFit classes, chilled outdoor skates or for skaters who don’t want to limit the range of motion of their wrists while providing a slide and some shock absorption when Falling onto an outstretched hand.

Currently available in Grey and Black. 

Shock Absorbing Gel Formula 

Inside the palm hearts is a shock absorbing gel formula that acts like the sole of a shoe while providing some slide. 

Full Range of Motion 

The low profile design fits snug around your hand to maintain wrist mobility for those who don't want to limit the range of motion of their wrists. 

High quality materials 

High quality plastic stitched into the cushioning and moisture wicking material will keep your hands cool. 


Measure the circumference of your dominant hand just below your knuckles. Compare to the measurements below.   

Small 16cm-18.5cm

Medium 18.5cm-21cm

Large 21cm-23.5cm

Made in China

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RollerFit - Palm Slider - Black
RollerFit - Palm Slider - Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
No barbie hands!

By far my most fave of safety gear. I really can't deal with being stuck with 'barbie hands' in a traditional wristguard when skating is really such free movement! Avoid getting those stinky summer sweats on while skating on those warm aussie days too. These are flexible for your hands/wrists to move and freeing and feel like you're nearly not wearing any! Until inevitably you do take a fall, and they are there to catch you <3 I sprained my wrists 18months ago and these have got me cushioned and covered to protect from easy re-injury. Highly recommend you treat yourself to a pair..


Palm sliders are amazing! I feel free to move, but safe, at the same time. Perfect for trail skates, and jam skating on smooth courts. :)


I've been loving my palm sliders! I really like all the mobility I have in my wrists again while still having some protection. Probably will wear my regular wrist guards to try more advanced tricks, but love wearing these palm sliders for jam skating. So comf!

Palm Sliders: Minimal BUT EFFECTIVE

i LOVE my palm sliders! I don’t often fall on my hands but whenever I did I would always leave with bruised palms so these are perfect! I love how subtle they are, but they still provide the protection I need. I find them so comfortable and me and my skateboarder partner are always fighting over them. As someone who hates padding up, I definitely recommend these and wear mine all the time :)


These palm sliders are AMAZING! I've always hated wrist guards and how they make your hand sit at an awkward angle so I decided to try the palm sliders. Best decision ever! You don't feel a thing when you fall because of the gel formula and you're hands keep sliding with you :)