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About RollerFit

Discover RollerFit

Are you a seasoned skater? A total beginner wanting to learn to skate for the first time? Or are you looking to reconnect with the roller skating joy of your youth?

Then you have come to the right place!

As you’ve probably seen on the sidewalks and board walks, recreational roller skating is back, and it is stronger than ever! Catering for those who want to skate for fitness and fun, rather than competition, RollerFit is a program for anyone who wants to put some wheels on their feet and get rolling. 

Around a decade ago RollerFit started as a group of women who wanted to get fit rolling around on basketball courts. Now, due to the appeal of our classes, we have locations all across the East coast of Australia.

But what exactly is RollerFit?

Well, it isn’t a learn to skate class, nor is it an artistic/derby/dance skating program. Instead, RollerFit is a fitness class on skates that combines skills from a range of disciplines to create an experience suitable to all levels of experience.

There is no compulsory sign up, no 8-week program, and no commitment. You can come as little or as often as you like, and tailor your skating to your goals. Many of our participants have been with us for years, and some combine their RollerFit classes with other styles of skating like dance, park skating, roller derby and speed skating.

Trust us when we say, RollerFit is the most fun workout you’ll ever do!  Haven’t got your own skates? No problem, you can hire some!

Our Coaches

All RollerFit employees are accredited coaches who come from an artistic roller skating, Roller Derby, Roller Dance or park skating background. Not only can we help you workout without even realising you’re doing it – we’ve got the skills to help you get from holding onto the wall to smashing your weight loss or skating skills goals.

Interested In roller dance, park skating,  roller derby or artistic skating?

We’ve got you covered, too – let us know your goal when you start with us and we can tailor our classes to help you get there! 

What does a typical class look like? 

A typical one-hour RollerFit class looks something like this:

Arrive and gear up

  • Warm up and stretch
  • Plus a mixture of:
  • 3-4 different roller skate skills (for example: stopping, gliding on one or two feet, skating backwards, jumping, and loads of variations to suit different skill levels.)
  • 2-3 skate tricks (for example: shoot the duck, coffins, twizzlers, dolphins, dance moves etc.)
  • Skate specific fitness drills
  • Games
  • Cool down

There is lots of variety each week and we guarantee you will break a sweat, and have heaps of fun while doing it. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out our times and locations here.