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Powerdyne Reactor Pro Plate
Powerdyne Reactor Pro Plate
Powerdyne Reactor Pro Plate

Powerdyne Reactor Pro Plate

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PowerDyne Reactor Pro Plates are an update and the successor the the very popular high-end Reactor plate.

The Reactor Pro series features a stronger grade of extruded aircraft aluminum and an improved design for the toe stop housing.

Additionally, this plate will come standard with 15-degree kingpins and cold-forged, black anodized solid aluminum trucks with fine threaded adjustable pivot arms.

Precise adjustment of these pivot arms allows for maximum response on the track.

The plate is finished with a brilliant high polish steel blue color and laser etched graphics - when all is said and done the Reactor Pro represents the pinnacle of plate design, beauty, and performance!

    Sizing: Each Size Fits Both the Full and Half Size

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     Size Wheel base (axle to axle) Weight (per plate incl. kingpin, pivot cups, truck, cushions, cushion cups, toe stop screw)
    134mm 418.4g
    144mm 425.2g
    150mm 429.8g
    156mm 433.2g
    162mm 438.9g
    168mm 445.7g
    174mm 449g
    180mm 454.7g
    186mm 459.3g
      Powerdyne Reactor Pro Plate