Time For A Second Pair? Upgrade With Intermediate Roller Skates

Have you been rolling on your first pair of beginner-friendly roller skates for a while? Roller skates and their hardware are made for different kinds of skating and different skill levels, and there will inevitably come a time when your first pair of roller skates start holding you back from progressing or wear out altogether. We get questions all the time in our classes and our inbox asking what roller skates you should buy as an early intermediate skater or for an upgrade on your first set. If you feel like you need or want more from your skates, then this blog is for you! We’re covering our go-to recommendations for skaters looking to step it up from their beginner skates.

When it comes to choosing your second pair of roller skates you want to upgrade, which means investing in skates that will last longer and grow with you as your skate skills progress. If some of these recommendations meet some of your must-haves but not all, remember you can always change parts like wheels, bearings, toe stops, cushions and trucks to suit your skating needs. Keep an open mind and have a look here at some easy upgrades you can make to your skates.


Chuffed Skates Wanderer roller skates in Olive Green with cream laces, eyelets and logo embroidery on the tongue, black wheels and toe stops.

Chuffed Skates – Wanderer
The Wanderer roller skates are ideal for the try-anything-and-everything skater. Coming with a basic alloy plate that will work well for beginner to intermediate skaters and a nicely padded suede or vegan microfibre boot these skates will grow with you. The new colours (Classic Blue, Watermelon and Caramel) come with outdoor wheels and soft cushions and the older colours come with hybrid wheels and hard cushions. The Wanderer skates are comfy out of the box and will take you cruising, to RollerFit classes, roller dancing and to the skate park without any hiccups.

Moxi Roller Skates Lolly roller skates in Lilac with oyster laces and eyelets, tan sole, black plate and toe stop, matching purple wheels.

Moxi Roller Skates – Lolly
The Lolly roller skates by Moxi ooze fun with their vibrant rainbow spectrum of colour choices. The Lolly boots feel more like a second skin than a shoe with no padding and their narrow to medium width fit. Coming with a standard nylon plate, medium hardness cushions and good quality outdoor wheels, these skates are best suited for recreational skaters. Take these pretty babies out cruising, to RollerFit classes and dancing.

Moxi Roller Skates Beach Bunny skates in Blue Sky with pink laces and wheels.Moxi Roller Skates Panther black roller skates with clear glitter wheels, leopard laces and lining.

Moxi Roller Skates – Panther and Beach Bunny
Maximum support with a relatively small price tag the Panther and Beach Bunny models from Moxi are a great option for those who like the feeling of a stiff skate boot. Coming with a standard alloy plate, hard cushions and glittery outdoor wheels, these skate models are essentially the same. The Beach Bunny is a vinyl skate boot in fun vibrant colours whilst the Panther is a moody Beach Bunny in disguise with the same vinyl inner construction and a black suede outer layer for a bit more durability. Whether you’re a bright or dark colour person, the Beach Bunny and Panther skates will serve you for cruising around, RollerFit classes, dancing and park skating.

 Custom built roller skates with Chuffed Pro Boot in Wild Thing, Roll-Line Dance Plate and Roll-Line Leopard wheels resting on a purple and white checkerboard rug

Want a super duper upgrade? Go custom!
If you’ve found a skate style that you really love and want to dedicate your time and effort to then maybe going down the custom built roller skate route could also be an option. Of course, custom built skates cost more but you get to choose all your parts including boots, plates, toe stops, bearings, and wheels. If this sounds tempting, take a look at this guide to create your own custom built roller skates.

So, are you ready to upgrade now? You can shop all these skates online here at the RollerFit Shop or in store at the RollerFit Studio and Skate Shop. If you still have questions about what skates will be the right fit for you and your skating, get in touch and our staff can share their skate knowledge and experiences with you.