The Ultimate Guide To Getting The Best Roller Skates For Your Feet

Most people think that shoe sizes and roller skate sizes are the same. However, the reality isn’t that simple. Roller skate brands and models have very different sizing between them so choosing the right size skates for your feet comes down to millimetres and measurements. Whether you’re looking for your first set of skates, wanting to upgrade or thinking of going for a custom built set up, this blog is for you! We’re covering everything you need to know to get the right fit including how your skates should fit, how to size yourself and what roller skate models and brands are best for your foot width. So get out your paper, pen and measuring tape and let’s get into it.

How should roller skates fit?
For adults or teenagers who’ve finished growing, roller skates should fit snugly. By snug, we are talking more like a sock than a shoe. You want your feet to fill out the boot but not be uncomfortable or feel like you're scrunching your toes. Your skates should feel like an extension of your foot, so you want to choose the closest possible size to the length measurement of your feet.

For kids who are still growing, we suggest going 1-2 sizes up from the length measurement of their feet. This allows kids to grow into their skates. You can always put an innersole in their skates to take up more space and get them to wear some fun thick socks and they won’t know the difference. For young kids, you can always opt for an adjustable roller skate that can expand up to 3 sizes.

Are roller skates true to size?
Sizing is not consistent across the roller skate market and sometimes it’s not even consistent within brands. Most roller skates are not gendered, so sizing is based on a length measurement with US Men’s or EU sizing as their base reference. You need to make sure you are measuring your feet and comparing your measurements to the relevant size chart each time you get new skates.

The best way to get your measurements is to stand on a piece of paper and get a helper to trace around your feet, one at a time. Measure the length of each foot from the middle of the heel to the furthest point (this might not be your big toe). If you have a different measurement for each foot, use the longest measurement when comparing to a roller skate size chart.

Just like shoes, each brand of skates has different widths and shapes of boots. The width of both the skate and your feet is an important consideration when choosing your skates. Categorising your feet on the narrow-wide spectrum can be complicated as brands are different and width measurements are usually gendered and relative to the length of your foot. If you’re getting custom made boots, measuring the width of your feet is a must. Using your foot tracings, measure the distance between the widest points on both of your feet. Better still measure the circumference around the widest part of your foot.

You want your skates to be comfortable so you can achieve maximum fun! We’ve made a handy little guide to help you measure and size your feet for roller skates.

RollerFit Shop Roller Skate Measuring Guide RollerFit Shop Roller Skate Sizing Guide

What roller skates are best for narrow feet?
If you get a standard off the shelf shoe and it normally fits well in length but has excess space on the sides of your feet, you might have narrow feet. In Women’s sizing a narrow fit is an A width, which is approximately 81mm for a standard AU/US size 8. In Men’s sizing a narrow fit is a C width, which is approximately 89mm for an AU/US size 8.

If your skates feel a bit on the wide side for your narrow feet, we recommend installing a nice thick insole to take up some space in the boots. You can also wear thicker socks to get a snugger feeling.

If you have narrow feet check out these skate models:

What roller skates are best for medium width feet?
If you get a standard off the shelf shoe and it feels good in both length and width, then you’re in luck! You’ve probably got medium width feet and the roller skate world is wide open to you as most complete skates are medium width friendly and so are boot only models. In Women’s sizing a medium fit is a B width, which is approximately 90mm for a standard AU/US size 8. In Men’s sizing a medium fit is a D width, which is approximately 96mm for an AU/US size 8.

If you have a medium width foot check out these skates:

  • Moxi Lolly – narrow toe box but suede moulds to your feet to accommodate medium width feet.
  • Moxi Jack 1 and 2 Boots – medium width is standard for these boots, but they do taper to a strong almond shape toe box.
  • Chuffed Cruiser – vinyl boots ideal for beginners with a medium width toe box.
  • Chuffed Wanderer – suede or vegan microfibre is great for moulding to your feet.
  • Chuffed Pro Boots – stiff but with a medium-wide toe box that accommodates most feet.
  • Riedell complete skates – across the board, Riedell is consistent with their medium width skates.
  • Chaya – this brand has a pretty standard width across their range of complete skates.
  • Sure-Grip – this brand has a consistent medium-wide fit on their skates, go for a suede model for a wider fit.

What roller skates are best for wide feet?
If you get a standard off the shelf shoe and it feels good in length but too snug or uncomfortable in width, then you’ve probably got a wide or even an extra wide foot. In Women’s sizing a wide fit is a C or D width, which is approximately 100mm for a standard AU/US size 8. In Men’s sizing a wide fit is an E width, which is approximately 99mm for an AU/US size 8.

There are a couple of complete skate or ready-made boot models out there that can be suitable for a wide foot. However, for a nicer fit you might want to think about going down the custom made skate route where boots can be made according to your measurements.

  • Moxi Rainbow Rider – generous sizing and wide fit for the beginner skater.
  • Chuffed Wanderer – the new colours (Classic Blue, Watermelon, Caramel) have a wider fit.
  • Chuffed Pro Boot – if you just fall into the wide foot range the wider toe box might work for you.
  • Riedell 336 or 3200 Boots – these custom made boot models can come in any width from narrow to extra wide.
  • Edea Roller Boots – Edea boots can be made in custom width measurements and boots can be easily stretched to accommodate wide feet.

The staff at RollerFit are experienced skaters who know just how important it is to get the correct fitting skates that suit you and your skill level. If you’re unsure about sizing or want some advice about roller skates don’t hesitate to send us your completed measuring guide and any questions you might have. We’re here to help get you rolling comfortably and safely!