Our Favourite Beginner Roller Skates

Choosing your first set of skates can be hard! There are so many options and with all skate tech jargon it can quickly get overwhelming. To make life easy we’ve put together a list of our favourite roller skates for beginners so you can get rolling sooner.

Before you go and add your first set of skates to your cart, we’ve got a couple of hot tips for you:

  1. Measure your feet! When choosing skates as an adult we want skates to fit nice and snug like a sock so measure the length of your feet, compare your measurements to each skate's size chart and choose the closest possible size. For the kiddos, you can go 1-2 sizes bigger so they can grow into their skates.
  2. Toe guards are a beginner skater’s best friend. You don’t want to scuff up your beautiful new skates so protect the with some toe guards for a longer life.
Chuffed Cruiser Roller Skates in Lilac

Chuffed Skates Cruiser
At the top of our list is the Chuffed Skates Cruiser, and it’s at the top for a reason. These split-colour beauties are a bargain for the quality of the hardware and the comfort they offer. The Cruiser skates feature an adjustable toe stop which is a bonus on a skate this cheap. The nylon (plastic) plate offers good movement so you can learn to feel and hit your edges. The hybrid wheels will get you rolling on any surface and the vinyl boot has lots of cushy padding to offer good support without feeling restrictive. Available in Sunrise (apricot) or Sunset (lilac), the Cruiser skates come in adult and kid sizes.

Moxi Roller Skates Rainbow Rider in Pink

Moxi Rainbow Rider
If bold colours and retro vibes are more your thing, then Moxi has you covered with the Rainbow Riders. The rigid vinyl boot offers maximum support and stability which is good for very beginner skaters or kids. The aluminium plate offers decent movement and an adjustable toe stop is always good to have. Rainbow Riders have a wide fit and generous sizing so make sure to measure your foot and check the size chart to get the right fit for you. The Rainbow Riders come in Black, Pink and Yellow and are available in child and adult sizes. 

 Moxi Roller Skates Beach Bunny in Periwinkle Purple Moxi Roller Skates Jungle Leopard

Moxi Beach Bunny and Jungle
Moxi Roller Skates have even more to bring to the beginner skate table with the Beach Bunny range and the Jungle skate. These skates are pretty much the same, the Beach Bunny range is bright and colourful and the Jungle skates give a dose of animal print love. These skates are vinyl and have a narrow-medium width fit with a supportive and padded boot. They have adjustable toe stops and the aluminium plate on these skates will help you as you progress into an intermediate skater. Both styles come with glittery outdoor wheels that roll nice and smooth on outdoor surfaces and offer beginner skaters a good amount of grip on slippery indoor surfaces. The Beach Bunny skates come in Periwinkle, Peach, Lemonade, Watermelon and Sky Blue. The Jungle skates are the perfect leopard print, black and pink combo. Both styles are available in child and adult sizes.

Sure-Grip Fame roller skate in white

Sure-Grip Fame
For those who love a classic fresh white or crisp black roller skate then the Sure-Grip Fame skates might be up your alley. Here at RollerFit, we love the Fame! We’ve been using them as our rental skates for over 10 years now and some sets have even endured a decade of love from our skaters. These roller skates are super cushy and comfy, even though they are vinyl they have a bit of give and soften a little with time. The nylon (plastic) plate offers good movement and the beginner-friendly indoor wheels make for a nice smooth roll. The Sure Grip Fame skates come in white or black and are available in kids and adult sizing.

Riedell R3 Derby Roller Skates Black

Riedell R3
If a heeled boot isn’t your style then you can try out a low-cut derby skate with the Riedell R3. Perfect for those skaters looking to join their local derby league or those who just like the look or feel of a flat skate. The R3 has a sturdy vinyl boot with a medium-width fit. They come with a good nylon plate to give you nice movement and the wide derby wheels offer lots of stability and grip. Of course, we love an adjustable toe stop and the velcro top strap makes you feel nice and secure. The R3 is available in black and comes in kids and adult sizes.


Chuffed Skates Wanderer
If you’re looking to get a long life out of your first pair of skates then a better quality skate might be a good option. These delicious suede skates come in a range of colours and if you’re vegan Chuffed also have you covered with the Vegan Black Wanderer. The Wanderer skates are like skating on clouds! The aluminium plate offers good movement and is nice and light. The suede boot is padded, supportive and will mould to your feet. These skates have a wider toe box than other skates in this price range so they are suitable for skaters with both narrow and wide feet.  An adjustable toe stop makes stopping a breeze and the hybrid or outdoor wheels will take you anywhere. The Chuffed Skates Wanderer skates are available in Burgundy, Olive Green, Jacaranda Purple, Peach Pink, Vegan Black, Classic Blue, Watermelon Red and Caramel. Adult size range from 4-11, but sizing is generous so make sure to measure your feet.

Moxi Roller Skates Panther

Moxi Panther
The Moxi Panther skates are pretty much the same as the Beach Bunny and Jungle skates, but the Panthers feature a black suede outer with a vinyl inner construction. This means they are still nice and stiff with plenty of support for beginner skaters but the suede outer will help your skates have a longer life. They also just look super sleek. The Panther’s have all the good beginner to intermediate level hardware with an adjustable toe stop, aluminium plate and glitter outdoor wheels. The Moxi Panther skates are available in kids and adult sizing.  

So there we have it folks, our fave beginner skates all in one place! If you have any questions about skates or anything skate related you can always contact us or visit us in store. If you need some help to get rolling we would love to have you at a RollerFit class or add our digital Learn To Skate Programs to your cart with your skates.

Happy rolling!