All About That Skate Merch - Q&A With Linda

We don’t know about you, but we bloody love a bit of skate merch! We’re skating obsessed and want everyone to know it, all the time. If you ever wanted to support a brand, skate crew, or creator, the best way is to buy some of their merch. Merch sales make the brand world go round and make more cool things possible! Here at RollerFit, profits from our merch line go back into making skate products and putting on events. We do seasonal merch drops to keep you cool or cosy on all your skate adventures, but how do we do it? Well, we sat down with RollerFit HQ’s resident cool gal, Linda to get the goss on how RollerFit merch is made.

Where does RollerFit get merch ideas and inspiration from?
Every good design starts out with a lot of talking. Brainstorming ideas for new merch can often be the most fun part! We chat about RollerFit, what our skaters are wearing, what’s happening in the skate world and reminiscing about what makes skating so much fun for us. This helps take us in the right direction for each piece we create. As skaters, we all wear our love for the sport literally on our bodies so having merch that represents the community and the RollerFit brand is so important to us. 

What’s the process for creating merch?

Flow chart of how we create merch

Who designs RollerFit merch?
We like to use local peeps, sometimes it’s our own staff who draw something up. Often it’s our head honcho designer, Julia aka Zeke’s Lunch Box or other creatives within the skate community. Some people we’ve worked with lately include Central Coast tattoo artist Daniel Coy and Keisha at Leon Design Co. If you are a local designer and would love to work with us don’t be afraid to reach out! We love seeing all your amazing work and discovering new people to work with.

Where is RollerFit merch made?
All RollerFit apparel, Palm Sliders, plugs and accessories are made ethically by factories in Australia and overseas. We especially love working with the legends at SSweatshop in Sydney for our t-shirts, caps, tote bags and anything else screen printed or embroidered. They are the best in the biz.

If all this merch talk has piqued your interest or if you’ve got the itch to wear your skate love on your sleeve, top, hoodie or hat, you can shop the full RollerFit merch range over here. If you, or your future self, have a piece of RollerFit merch we’d love to see you flaunting it. Share your merch stylings and skate adventures with us on our socials!