Compare the Pairs – Moxi Lolly vs. Chuffed Wanderer vs. Sure-Grip Boardwalk

Are a new set of skates in your future? Maybe you're looking for your first set or a much needed (or wanted 😉) upgrade. Well, good news! We are here to give you the breakdown of 3 of the most popular complete roller skate models in Australia; the Moxi Lolly, Chuffed Wanderer and the Sure-Grip Boardwalk.

When comparing the pairs we’ll be looking at 5 important things to consider when buying roller skates:

  1. The brand – their reputation, experience and their values.
  2. The boots – the shape and support.
  3. The hardware – the specs and quality of plates, wheels, bearings and toe stops.
  4. The purpose – what kind of skating and skater they are best suited for.
  5. The price – why they cost what they do and whether you’re getting value for money.

So read on, take notes and shoot us a message if you have any questions!

Moxi Roller Skates Lolly Complete in Pineapple yellow

Moxi Roller Skates Lolly

The Brand: Hailing from the U.S.A, Moxi Roller Skates is the brainchild of passionate roller skater Michelle Steilen a.k.a Estro Jen. Moxi has been around for well over a decade now and their Lolly and Jack models are manufactured by North American roller skating giants, Riedell. Community and quality are big factors in all things Moxi.

The Boots:

  • With a rainbow full of colours to choose from, the Moxi Lolly boots are handmade from suede and a plastic sole and heel.
  • The boots themselves have minimal ankle support and no internal padding, some people love this as it makes the boots feel like a second skin and they're comfortable straight out of the box.
  • The boots have a narrow to medium width fit and the suede will mould to your feet but note that the reinforced toe box is on the narrower side.
  • The Moxi Lolly is true to US Mens shoe sizing, so go down one size from a US Womens shoe size for the right fit.

The Hardware:

  • The Powerdyne Thrust plates are a basic nylon construction with decent performance for beginner to intermediate recreational skating.
  • The Moxi Gummy wheels are some of the best outdoor wheels on the market, nice and big and soft with a 78a hardness.
  • ABEC 5 Carbon Steel bearings give a good smooth roll.
  • Adjustable toe stop can be lowered or screwed up to the plates to suit your skating.

The Purpose: The Moxi Lolly skates are ideal for recreational skaters who love cruising around. They are also suitable for RollerFit beginner to intermediate level classes, both regular skate skills and roller dance.

The Price: The $749 price tag might be a bit of a shock to some but it’s important to remember that these skates are handmade in the US, so the manufacturing and freight costs add up and are reflected in the price tag. If the Moxi aesthetic is your style, then you’ll love these skates regardless of the cost.  

Chuffed Skates Wanderer in Watermelon Red

Chuffed Skates Wanderer

The Brand: Chuffed Skates are the new kid on the roller skate block, but they’ve made a big impact since their establishment in 2020. Chuffed is an Australian brand that is skater owned and staffed and the skates are manufactured in Asia. Chuffed Skates are always looking for ways to push roller skating forwards, whether that’s bringing out new skates, innovating hardware or giving back to the community.

The Boots:

  • Coming in a wide range of colours, the Chuffed Wanderer boots come in a suede or vegan microfibre construction with a plastic heel (yay for the vegans).
  • The boots have a nice amount of padding and a medium level of support throughout the ankle. They feel comfy straight away, like nice cushy clouds.
  • The Wanderers suit most feet, narrow and wide alike. The toe box is wider than the Moxi models and the suede will mould to your feet. The vegan microfibre also has some moulding capability but takes a little longer to start that softening process.
  • Across the board, Chuffed’s sizing is generous so make sure to trace your feet and compare your measurements to the size chart.

The Hardware:

  • Sturdy alloy plate suitable for beginner to intermediate skaters which can withstand the pressure and impact of park skating.
  • The older colours come with a beginner friendly 82a hybrid wheel, whilst the new colours (Classic Blue, Watermelon and Caramel) come with a better quality 78a outdoor wheel.
  • All colours come with some decent ABEC 7 bearings for a smooth roll.
  • The older colours feature hard cushions for maximum stability whilst the newer colours (Classic Blue, Watermelon and Caramel) come with some soft cushions for extra movement.
  • The adjustable toe stop is a good size and wears well.

The Purpose:

  • The Chuffed Wanderers are ideal for recreational skating, RollerFit and dance skating in the beginner to intermediate level bracket. They’ll also hold up to the park skating test if you’re looking to take your skate skills to your local skate park.

The Price:

  • Sitting in the mid-price range at $449 you’re getting a good deal with the Wanderers because buying an Aussie brand means you don’t have those freight costs embedded in the price tag.

 Sure-Grip Boardwalk Roller Skates Seabreeze Blue

Sure-Grip Boardwalk

The Brand: Coming from the good ol’ U.S. of A, Sure-Grip has been around a long time! Since 1936 to be exact. They started in the roller skate wheel market before expanding their manufacturing to roller skates, hardware and accessories.

The Boots:

  • These classic shaped boots come in a few suede colour options and feature a plastic heel.
  • The Boardwalks have minimal internal padding and ankle support.
  • The Boardwalks are a wide fit skate, so they are a good option for those skaters out there with a wide foot wanting a complete setup.
  • Sizing is true to US Mens shoe sizing, so go down 1 size from a US Womens size to get a good fit.

The Hardware:

  • The Boardwalks come with a nylon Sure-Grip Rock plate, nice and light with decent performance for beginner skaters.
  • The 78a outdoor wheels are nice and soft and they are a bit smaller than most other outdoor wheels for more agility.
  • The ABEC 3 bearings, might not be the fastest but they’ll certainly get you rolling smoothly.
  • The Carrera toe stops are on the smaller end of the toe stop size spectrum, but you can upgrade to any adjustable toe stop with an imperial thread once you’ve worn through them.

The Purpose: These skates are a good option for beginner recreational skaters, especially if you have a wider foot.

The Price: When you consider the $469 price tag in light of the cost of US manufacturing and freight, you’re getting a decent deal with the Sure-Grip Boardwalks.

The results are in and we think…

Our pick for versatility – The Chuffed Wanderer is suitable for a few different styles of skating.

Our pick for aesthetics – The Moxi Lolly is bright and fun with that retro look.

Our pick for value for money – The Chuffed Wanderer is a great price for the quality of the boots and hardware.

If you need more help choosing your next set of skates, send us a message and our team can help you out. Want more product comparisons, let us know what we should do next!