Brands We Love And Recommend - Roll-Line

For over 20 years, Roll-Line has been bringing their A-game to the roller skating hardware realm so that skaters can achieve theirs. If you haven’t heard us raving about Roll-Line before, well, where have you been? Here at RollerFit, we’re kind of Roll-Line obsessed, and for good reason.

Hailing from Italy, Roll-Line makes everything from raw materials in their factory in Villorba where it’s all about small batches, refining processes, experimenting and advancing the technology to bring skaters premium products. Roll-Line mostly focuses their attention on the artistic skating world for both quads and inlines, but they also have a roller derby range too. We love Roll-Line products for these skate disciplines, but we don’t box them in, because we also love them for dance, recreational and RollerFit style skating too. One of the many reasons we love Roll-Line is that there’s genuinely something in their range for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Their price range is suitable for a wide budget range and considering the quality of the products, the $$$ you spend on Roll-Line makes it so worth it. It’s obvious we love Roll-Line, but what are some of our favourite products that we recommend to skaters? Keep on reading to find out.

Roll-Line Dance Plate

Let’s preface this section with a bit of a reality dose/plug, Roll-Line plates perform like no others in the roller skate market. Think durability, lightweight for an alloy construction and let us tell you, if you didn’t know what edges were before, you will now. You can’t go wrong with any of the Roll-Line plates but here are our recommendations for different budget ranges and experience levels:

  • Variant C Freestyle – Budget friendly and a great beginner to intermediate plate option. If this is your first foray into the world of plates beyond a basic complete skate set up, the Variant C can be a nice friendly introduction.
  • Mistral – Mid-range in terms of budget, but still high performing. The Mistral is a classic and a fave amongst the RollerFit team. This plate is a good intro to high performing plates as it still offers a bit of control.
  • Dance – Just wow! The Dance plates are next level, especially in terms of performance. The kingpin angle on these bad boys is slightly different to the Mistral, giving you a lower centre of gravity, which means deep edges without the effort. If this is your first high performing plate get some harder Roll-Line cushions because the movement in these will be a shock at first.
Roll-Line Fox Wheel

As it is with all Roll-Line, their wheel range has something for everyone. Roll-Line creates custom shapes and urethane compounds to suit all kinds of surfaces. All the Roll-Line wheels have solid hubs to make them nice and light too. We all love a light setup, right?! Roll-line wheels are compatible with any skate plate, just make sure to get the correct size bearings for your axles and use a bearing press to get them in easily. There are so many Roll-Line wheels to choose from but here are some of our personal faves and ones we recommend to skaters of all kinds:

  • Fox – These are the perfect introductory indoor wheel! If you’re graduating from some outdoor wheels or ones that come stock with a complete skate setup. The Fox wheels still have a decent amount of grip for control but are more agile than outdoor or hybrid wheels.
  • Panther – Nice slip to grip ratio for control and a hard edge for spins, rotations or edge-heavy movements. These 95a wheels are nice on a more slippery surface.
  • Mustang – Ditto to all the above but the Mustangs are a tad bit harder at 97a.
  • Giotto – These are for those intermediate to advanced level skaters who like to embrace the slip. Coming in 57mm, a great height and size for dance, and 63mm, for artistic skaters, these wheels are lots of fun.
Roll-Line Bearing Press

Roll-Line’s hardware options are just as good as the rest of their catalogue. Some of the hardware options are only suitable for Roll-Line or other metric plates, but the Roll-Line love can be shared with select products. Check out some of our fave pieces of Roll-Line hardware below:

  • Bearing Press – This is hands down one of the most underrated tools in the skate world. Sure they can seem a bit pricey, but if you’re a wheel connoisseur who looks to change wheels, switch bearings or keep their set up nice and clean, then this tool will make your life so much easier.
  • Carbon J Bearings – These 7mm bearings are super smooth! They may only be rated by Roll-Line as an ABEC 5 but we think that’s a modest rating. They feel as good as some other ABEC 7 and 9 bearings on the market.
  • Super Pro Toe Stops – some of the Roll-Line toe stops come with metric (EU/Roll-Line threading) or imperial (US/most other plate brands), so if you don’t have a Roll-Line plate you can still score some of the Italian goodness for your set up.

We could talk forever about Roll-Line so we might put a plug in it there, but as always, if you have any questions about Roll-Line or anything else skate related please send us a message and we can help you out. The RollerFit Shop is skater operated and owned, so we have all the gear and the ideas 😜