Brands We Love And Recommend – Moxi Roller Skates

Moxi Roller Skates are a big name in the roller skating world and there’s good reason for this. Headed by the vivacious and whirlwind skater we all watch in awe, Michelle Steilin a.k.a Estro Jen, the folks at Moxi are all about creating high quality roller skates, hardware and gear that helps to nurture a love of skating around the world.

We love Moxi Roller Skates products for their durability, quality and colour! We also think it’s super cool that Moxi has all kinds of skaters covered from the absolute beginner right up to the advanced shredders and smooth movers. Even the next generation of skaters are included with kids sizing! We thought we’d give you a bit of a breakdown of each of their skate models to make it easier for you to choose how you’d like to get your dose of Moxi.

 Moxi Roller Skates Rainbow Riders in Asphalt Black with white tongue, yellow wheels and blue toe stops.

Rainbow Rider
If you’re an absolute beginner, then the Rainbow Riders could be your first set of roller skates. The colourful boots are vinyl and stiff so they offer beginners the support they need and an adjustable toe stop is always a good idea for practicality and safety. These skates have a wide fit and generous sizing so make sure to measure your feet before you choose a size. We generally say 2 sizes down from your normal shoe size for these ones in adults, kids sizing is pretty spot on to allow them to grow into their new skates.

Moxi Roller Skates Jungle Leopard Roller Skate

Also great for beginners or animal print lovers alike, the Jungle skates are the original Moxi skate. The boots are stiff and supportive but the padded pink collar makes them comfortable. The glitter outdoor wheels will get you rolling safely on any surface and the intermediate level plate will help you progress in your skating. For sizing, we recommend going down 1 size from your regular shoe size for adults, kids match their regular shoe size.

Moxi Roller Skates Beach Bunny Periwinkle Purple

Beach Bunny
A great first set of skates or a good upgrade option, the Beach Bunny’s come in 5 different fun and vibrant colours. These vinyl skates are rigid, have lots of padding and come with good outdoor wheels to make them nice and stable. The intermediate level aluminium plate will help you build confidence and they also come with bonus matching toe guards to keep your new babies looking fresh. We find these to have a slightly narrower – medium width fit and we recommend going down 1 size from your regular shoe size for adults and sticking to the regular shoe size for kids.


Moxi Roller Skates Panther black roller skates with clear glitter wheels, leopard laces and lining.

Similar to the Jungle and Beach Bunny, the Panther is a great skate for those looking for a stiff affordable skate but with a more durable suede outer. These skates still have a vinyl inner construction to make them super supportive with some leopard print padded lining. The intermediate level plate will accommodate you as you get more confident on 8 wheels and the glitter outdoor wheels provide good stability and the chance to roll just about anywhere. We recommend adults sizing 1 size down from your regular shoe size for the Panther.


It’s a hard choice when you’ve got all the colours of the rainbow! Handmade in the USA, the Lolly skates and boots are flexible, comfortable, high quality and made to last. The Lolly boots don’t offer much ankle support so these are best for recreational skating at all skill levels. The Lolly complete skate comes with a good nylon plate and Moxi Gummy outdoor wheels. For those looking for something a bit more high-end in terms of hardware, you can opt for the boot only option to create a custom set-up.

Moxi Roller Skates Jack 1 boots in Strawberry Pink with tan sole, white backstay and laces, leopard print lining.

Jack 1
Moxi’s first foray into the firmer boot section of the roller skate market is the Jack 1. A classic skate with a unique fit, high durability and versatility. Offering medium to high support, the Jack 1 boots have a heavy duty toe box, lots of padding and decent stiffness through the toe and base of the heel. These boots come standard in Black, Jade or Strawberry Pink or you can choose any custom colour from the Moxi rainbow. They are suitable for recreational, dance and park skating. Better yet, they come as a boot only so you can create the skate set-up of your dreams.


Moxi Roller Skates Jack 2 Lilac with black heel, laves, backstay and leopard print lining.

Jack 2
If you’re a serious skater or looking for a super stiff boot then the Jack 2 boots are for you. These boots are Moxi’s latest drop, they are handmade in the USA and come with lots of padding around the ankles for next level support. Compared to the Jack 1, the Jack 2’s stiffness remains consistent throughout the whole boot, from the toe box right to the top. Suitable for all types of skating the Jack 2 comes in 4 standard colours: Black, True Blue, Lilac and Vegan White. You can also opt for any other Moxi suede colour as a custom boot.


Moxi Mix Tape roller skate bearings.

Hardware and Accessories
If like us, you can’t get enough of Moxi and what they’re about, you can also load your skates up with Moxi hardware like bearings, toe stops and wheels or must-have skate accessories like skate leashes and laces. It’s all colourful, cute and seriously good stuff. Some of our all-time faves are the Brake Petals, Mixtape Bearings and the Fundae wheels.

If you’re not convinced as to why we love Moxi Roller Skates and their products so much or if you like the sound of them but are not quite sure which skates and hardware are for you, then drop us a line, say hi and let the skate tech lovers at RollerFit sort you out.