Brands We Love And Recommend - Chuffed Skates

Where do we even start with our love for Chuffed Skates? Chuffed may have only been around since 2020, but they’ve sure made a big impact in the roller skating world bringing affordable and high quality skates and skate hardware to the masses.

Before we even get to the skates, there are already so many reasons for a bit of Chuffed love:

  • Chuffed is an independent roller skate brand, owned and staffed by skaters.
  • Chuffed products are designed and tested here in the land of Oz meaning Chuffed is made by skaters for skaters.
  • The Chuffed Crew is made up of some of our favourite skaters from around the world. They even get royalties and are paid for their work for Chuffed (this is not common in roller skating).
  • Chuffed is all about pushing the boundaries of roller skating hardware, bringing much needed innovation to roller skate parts and products.
  • This skate brand is community-minded, feeding that Chuffed love back into the roller skating community through their Roll Out Program and supporting charities chosen by Crew skaters.
  • You can even get a regular dose of Chuffed-ness with their Drop In podcast. Hosts Sam and Sugu catch up with a different skater each episode to chat all things skating. Check it out!

Here at RollerFit we get loads of questions about Chuffed products, so we thought we’d compile all our Chuffed Skates knowledge in one neat place to make all of our lives a little easier. Read on for a breakdown of each Chuffed Skates model if you’re interested in being a bit Chuffed yourself.

Chuffed Skates Cruiser Roller Skates

Starting at the beginner friendly end of the Chuffed spectrum we have the Cruiser. These refreshingly neutral skates feature medium support 2-tone boots that are super cosy and cushy with padding throughout. The Cruiser rolls on a nylon plate with an adjustable toe stop and some hybrid wheels, so there’s plenty of movement and you can easily hit your edges. They’re not suitable for park skating but they’ll suit you for just about anything else. The Cruiser is a great deal for roller skates in this price range and they are available in child and adult sizes.

The Wanderer is the firstborn of the Chuffed Skates line up. They are an ideal skate for beginner and intermediate level skaters who like to dance, hit up the park, go to RollerFit or cruise the streets. The Wanderer’s come in a suede or vegan microfibre boot that offers medium support. These skates are so light and the padding means there’s no break in time! You get to roll on an intermediate level aluminium plate with an adjustable toe stop and hybrid wheels or outdoor wheels. The Wanderer makes for a great first skate or an upgrade from cheap skates.

Chuffed Skates Fuegote Roller Skates

Crew Collection
The Crew Collection skates from Chuffed are the exact same boots and hardware as the Wanderer’s but with a little extra twist. In the early days of Chuffed, each team member designed their own Crew skate, choosing their colour and designing their unique linings. For every Crew skate sold, the Chuffed Crew member gets a $10 royalty and another $10 goes to their charity of choice. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask us!

Chuffed Skates x Hell on Quads Concrete Wanderer Plus Roller Skates

Wanderer Plus
The Wanderer Plus is a skate that's all about community and are made in collaboration with Colombian skate group Hell on Quads, spearheaded by Carolina Hernández and Alexandra Londoño. These sleek skates have a firmer boot than standard Wanderer skates, making them perfect for beginner to intermediate skaters looking for more ankle support. With skate park wheels they're ready to shred. As a little bonus, when you buy the Concrete Wanderer Plus, you will be helping the Latin American skating community to access quality and affordable roller skates by subsidising a portion of the price for them. 

Pro Boot
The Chuffed Pro Boots are an ideal affordable option for dance, park and recreational skaters looking to take their skating to the next level and curate their setups with a custom skate build. The Pro Boots offer more support than other Chuffed models with a firmer boot available in full and half sizes. Comparable with a Moxi Jack 1 in terms of support, the Chuffed Pro Boot in De La Casa and Wild Thing gets the balance between ankle support and full mobility just right. On top of a reinforced boot, you also get a nice padded lining, shock absorbing innersoles, heavy duty alloy eyelets and boot carry loops. These Pro Boots are super comfy, snug fitting and lightweight, but without the long break in period.

Jade Hannah Pro Boot
The brainchild of Chuffed and Crew member Jade Hannah, aka optimuslime, these boots are the second firmest in the Chuffed collection. Think in between Moxi Jack 2 and Jack 1, but slimline. If you’re looking for next level support in a stiff boot at an affordable price, look no further. With all the same notable features of the De La Casa and Wild Thing Pro Boots, the Jade Hannah Pro Boots are extra reinforced and come with high impact shock absorbing innersoles. They are made to take lots of impact and aid in advanced tricks, whether you’re park or dance skating.

Chuffed Skates Tia Pitman Pro Boot

Tia Pitman Pro Boot
The Pro Boot revamped! Designed in collaboration with the phenomenal and proud Larrakia Woman Tia Pitman. This new Pro Boot from Chuffed is made to be the firmest boot in their line up, for aggressive or advanced skating just like the kind Tia shows every time she laces up. It's support and control on a new level for Chuffed. 

Chuffed doesn’t stop at skates, they are constantly coming up with fun and functional skate hardware to improve your skating experience. The Chuffed Chillers are some of our fave hybrid wheels and the ChuffedCore Trucks are *chefs kiss* in the skate park.

That’s all the Chuffed knowledge we have to share at the moment but you can be sure that the Chuffed team are always cooking up something new so we will keep you updated when new things drop. Remember that when you buy Chuffed you’re supporting an independent, skater-owned and skater-staffed business that puts all of its energy into roller skating and the community. That way you can be chuffed about having new gear and knowing that you’re hard earned dollars are going somewhere good.