The Best Vegan Roller Skates!

No matter your reason for choosing the vegan life and no matter your skating style, we’ve got a vegan friendly roller skate for you! There have been lots of changes in material technologies of late and that is good news for you my cruelty-free friend because that makes for roller skates that are more accessible price-wise and more durable performance-wise. To make your search for roller skates easier we’ve made a little list of the vegan skates we love and recommend here at RollerFit.

Before we crack on with our skate recommendations, we’ve got some hot tips and takes on choosing your vegan roller skates.

  • Invest in some toe guards! - Due to their material construction we always recommend customers purchasing vegan skates get a set of vegan toe guards to protect their new 8-wheeled babies.
  • If the environment is a crucial factor in your vegan life think about what your skates are made of – A lot of vegan roller skates are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is a plastic that takes a ridiculously long time to biodegrade. If a PVC skate is within your budget or if you just fall in love with a pair, don’t feel crummy about it. Instead, think about how you can re-sell, re-gift, recycle or repurpose the skates once you’ve loved them too much or are looking to upgrade.
Chuffed Skates Cruiser roller skates in Sunset, a cream and lilac 2 tone boots with all black hardware.
Chuffed Skates Cruiser
Our fave new beginner roller skate, the Chuffed Cruisers are a bargain for the quality of the hardware. These skates have super comfy and padded dual colour vinyl boots paired with a decent nylon plate, adjustable toe stops and hybrid wheels. The Cruisers have great manoeuvrability for a beginner and low-price point roller skate. These skates have a wider than usual toe box to make them suitable for narrow and wide feet alike.

Moxi Roller Skates Rainbow Riders in Asphalt Black with white tongue, yellow wheels and blue toe stops.

Moxi Roller Skates Rainbow Rider
If you love the bright and bold and you’re a beginner skater, take a look at the Moxi Rainbow Riders. These retro-inspired roller skates have a wide fitting and stiff boot which provides good support. They come with a beginner level aluminium plate and outdoor wheels. You can get your rainbow on with 3 colour choices: Asphalt Black, Pink Heart and Sunshine Yellow


Shop Sure-Grip Fame Roller Skates
Sure-Grip Fame
If a classic looking, plain roller skate is more you, then check out the Sure-Grip Fame skates. We’ve been using the Fame skates as our rental skates for classes and roller discos for 10 years and there’s good reason for this. The Fame boots are super cushy and comfortable, with good flexibility and give for a vinyl skate. Add on a decent nylon plate, indoor wheels and an adjustable toe stop and you’ve got yourself a great vegan skate. 


The riedell R3 roller skate.

Riedell R3
Looking to join your local roller derby league? The Riedell R3 is a nice beginner skate in the classic low-cut and flat derby style boot. The vinyl boots are comfy and durable. The nylon plate is decent and comes with an adjustable toe stop so you can find the ideal length to utilise your toe stops. The wide and tall indoor wheels have a good amount of grip for stability.


Moxi Roller Skates Beach Bunny Periwinkle PurpleMoxi Roller Skates Jungle leopard Skates
Moxi Roller Skates Beach Bunny and Jungle
Although they have different looks, the Moxi Beach Bunny range and the Jungle skates are the same skate model. On one hand, the Beach Bunny’s are colourful and cute and on the other, the Jungle’s are an animal print lover’s dream skate. These skates have a narrow to medium width fit with a stiff and supportive vinyl boot. The aluminium plate is great for beginner to intermediate skaters and as a bonus you get matching toe caps with the skates.


Chuffed Skates Wanderer roller skates in Vegan Black.
Chuffed Skates Vegan Black Wanderer
A refreshing take on a vegan roller skate, the Chuffed Vegan Black Wanderer boots are made of a durable vegan microfibre that gives the impression of suede. They are super comfy and have an intermediate level plate with hybrid wheels. These black beauties were tested rolling around the local courts, dancing and hitting the skate park and they held up well.
Moxi Roller Skates Jack 2 boot in Vegan White, with black laces, heel and backstay, and leopard print lining.
Moxi Roller Skates Jack 2 Vegan White Boots
If you’re a vegan skater looking to upgrade to a custom set-up, take a look at the Jack 2 boots from Moxi. These boots are super stiff and provide next level support. The Jack 2 boots are handmade in the USA using Clarino and are suitable for all kinds of skating. If white isn’t your jam, you can also order a custom set of Black Vegan Jack 2 boots.
Edea roller skate boot Fly in white: side view
Edea Fly Boots
If you’re an artistic skater, jam skater or just looking for super stiff skates don’t forget to check out the Edea Fly Boots. These boots are made for artistic skaters, but we know people who get their groove on and shred at the skate park in these bad boys. These skate boots are made from some high-tech composite microfibre and high abrasion resistant mesh that is seriously strong, durable and easy to clean. To add to the luxury, the lining is constructed of memory foam and breathable mesh to keep your feet supported, comfy and cool.

So my vegan pals there you have it, some vegan roller skates to suit you where ever you're at on your skating journey. If you have any questions about vegan skates, custom set-ups or anything skate related send us a message. We love helping skaters find the right goodies for them. Whatever skates you choose we hope to see you rolling out and about soon!