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Bones - Bowl Bombers - 101a 57mm 8pk - Clear

Bones - Bowl Bombers - 101a 57mm 8pk - Clear

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Bones bearings and Roller Bones wheels have a great reputation in the roller skating industry due to their performance and quality. Since 1981 Bones have been serving the skateboarding and roller skating worlds, and now, many skaters won’t ride anything else. Everyone who rides Bones knows how fast they are and how long they last. If you want tried and tested performance, you can’t go past Bones.

RollerBones Bowl Bomber are our park/street roller-skate. Fashioned after our Elite formula with a radius face for easier transitions. Great roll, great grip, and a great bark if you slide.

Specs - 57mm - 101a - 8 pack

Wheel Type -